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The Meta Theatre Company has several shows in repetroire that will fit your needs for education, training and social action:

Dismantling the Racism Machine a Manual and Toolbox

Fit the Description 

Speak Up!

What Were You Wearing

These shows educate about bystander intervention, sexual assault, racism, and how to take action to stop violence in our communities. Check out our Take Action page for descriptions of each show, and contact us at or 908-480-4089 regarding pricing.


The Meta Theatre Company's first performance was January 2013.  Since then, we have performed throughout New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.  

MTC’s process is informed by the work of Paulo Freire, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Dr. Rhea Almeida at The Institute for Family Services in Somerset, NJ.  MTC writes and performs about their lived experiences within the intersectionality of white privilege, race, class, gender and sexual orientation. The performances become a tool, and MTC invites the audience to look at how the “day to day” life happenings of the characters are connected to larger systems (like the criminal justice system, health care, media, and education) that impacts the “choices” and lives of the characters.  At the end of the performance MTC facilitates a discussion with the audience to raise critical thinking, and formulate action plans to change larger systems in their communities.


The Meta Theatre Company-- After The Curtain Falls, Community Action Begins.

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