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For the last 5 years, MTC rehearses as volunteers at The Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women.  Our cast consists of incarcerated women, as well as theatre activitsts outside the prison walls.  MTC uses theatre to educate about mass incarceration, and the oppressions caused by larger systems around intersections of white privilege, race, class gender and sexual orientation.  MTC performs the work of the women of Edna Mahan in the community to raise awareness about the importance of liberating re-entry programs, and create action to change how women come back to their communities after they serve their time.   The women of the Edna Mahan Theatre Program also perform in the prison to share their knowledge, and create change with other incarcerated women. If you would like to volunteer about stopping mass incarcareation, please contact us!

DISMANTLING THE RACISM MACHINE A MANUAL AND TOOLBOX by Dr. Karen Gaffney - This interactive 90 minute show is designed to illustrate how racism was invented, and how the patterns of white supremacy and patriarchy continue to show up in our personal lives, laws and policies.  


NJ is one of the most diverse states but also one of the most racially segregated states in the US. Why don't we talk about this? Nationally, white household wealth is almost 13 times that of black household wealth and more than 10 times that of Latinx household wealth. Why didn't I learn this before? 

White women have benefited the most from Affirmative Action and yet are the most vocal about ending Affirmative Action. How come? Who gets ignored when feminism is not intersectional? How do I talk about this?

RVCC English Professor Dr. Karen Gaffney, author of Dismantling the Racism Machine: A Manual and Toolbox, and The Meta Theatre Company discuss and perform concepts from Karen's book through interactive theatre to encourage discussion and raise awareness. This show has been performed for training in the workplace, schools, and for the general public.


Click the button below to see PBS39 News Tonight feature The Meta Theatre Company and Karen Gaffney perform, Dismantling the Racism Machine a Manual and Toolbox

LIBERATION BASED HEALING CONFERENCE -  MTC is honored to be selected to perform at this conference organized by The Institute for Family Services and Dr. Rhea Almeida.  Dr. Almeida's work has shaped the transformative justice theatre model that MTC utililzes to write and perform, and we look forward to presenting our work at this conference held at St. Louis University in Missouri.  

The Liberation Based Healing Conference locates intersectionality within the complexities of power, privilege and oppression of Coloniality in order to interrupt White Supremacy and Cis-
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MTC will perform Fit the Description which is based on the lived experience of one of our inside cast members about being impacted by the racial disparities of the criminal justice system, while trying to parent from behind bars.  Fit the Description shows a "pat and frisk" by two white police officers on a family of color with two small children.  A series of vignetts how this incident is seen and perceived by different people in the community.  80% of women behind bars are mothers, and Fit the Description shows what it is like to visit with children and explain why issues of violence is happening to them in their community.   Fit the Description is a 90 minute interactive show.

Speak Up! is a 90 minute interactive show that educates audiences on bystander intervention, and how to safely intervene when you witness hatred or discrimination in private and public conversations.

WHAT WERE YOU WEARING? - Part live performance, part art installation, What Were You Wearing, tells the anonymous stories of survivors of sexual assault.  The art installation depicts the clothing worn at the time of the assault and educates that sexual assault is not caused by what we wear.  The post show facilitation gives the audience tools to assess the intersectional power and control of assault across race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.  Audiences are encouraged to look at laws in their communities about how assault is stopped, and to take action when laws are not providing resources and support to everyone.  This 90 minute show has been performed in the general public, and for high school students.  

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